Euro-Top EMC Ampacity

In modern production lines, cable glands with high current dissipation capabilities are becoming increasingly important. Conventional EMC glands are not necessarily suitable for this.

Applications in the railway sector, or control systems such as VFD (Variable Frequency Device) or PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), where high-frequency signals are used, require further consideration: the high-frequency electrical signals used in these applications can cause induced (false) currents - even in the cable shields. The supply cables must therefore be dimensioned in such a way that these induced currents are grounded with low impedance. Otherwise, the system may fail because it can be heated up too much by the fault currents.

Although the grounding of electromagnetic signals is already realized by means of EMC glands, these still have to undergo a modification in order to be able to discharge electrical currents of several hundred amperes without damage. Our "Euro-Top Ampacity gland" was developed for these applications (Ampacity = maximum current carrying capacity).

External laboratory tests according to IEC 60512-5-2 (current carrying capacity) and IEC 60512-5-1 (temperature rise) showed that even at leakage currents of several 100 A, no significant temperature rise of the system is observed when using our Euro-Top Ampacity glands.

In addition to the excellent current dissipation properties, our Euro-Top Ampacity glands naturally also offer the well-known excellent EMC shielding values up to the GHz range. They are shock and vibration resistant according to international automotive standards and are also easy to install.


o Optimal derating performance according

   to IEC 60512-5-2

o Excellent electromagnetic shielding up

   to high frequency ranges  

o Shock and vibration resistant

o strain relief according to EN 62 444

o IP 66, IP 68 and IP 69

o Easy handling and mounting